HL Deb 11 July 1842 vol 64 cc1240-1

BILLS. Public.—1a. Municipal Corporations; Witnesses (Sudbury) Indemnity; Court of Chancery Offices Abolition.

2a. Perth Prison; Right of Voting (Dublin University). Reported.—Stock in Trade.

Private.—1a Lord Dinorben's Estate.

3aand passed:—Milton's Estate (Crawfurd's).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Lord Wharncliffe, from Proprietors and others connected with the Victoria. Prince Albert, Prosperity, Sheedwell, and a great many other Pits in the West Riding of York, against parts of the Mines and Collieries Bill, and praying for Inquiry.—From Slaithwaite, in the Parish of Huddersfield, for Alteration of the Poor-law Amendment Act with respect to the expenses of Union Workhouses.—By the Earl of Bandon, from Kilnamartery, Magourney, Athnowen, Kilnaglory, Inchageela, and Templebreedy, for the Encouragement of Schools in connection with the Church Education Society of Ireland.—By the Bishop of Norwich, from Coal Miners of Wakefield, Newsome, Lindley, Paddock, Hillhouses, and Sheepridge, for the Mines and Collieries Bill.—By the Earl of Liverpool, from the Guardians of the Newport and Shiffnall Unions, the Masters and Colliers of Clee Hill, Shropshire; and the Whitehill and Barley Coat Works, near Dalkeith, against the clause restricting the Time of Employment of Male persons under the age of Thirteen.—By the Earl of Dartmouth, from the Iron Masters of Shropshire; and by the Duke of Buccleuch, from Colliers and Miners, etc. of Midlothian, and of the Dial Wood, and the Wood Pits, against certain Parts of the Mines and Collieries Bill.—From the Burgh and Parochial Schoolmasters of Selkirk, for Inquiry respecting the Parochial Schoolmasters of Scotland, with a view to their Better Remuneration.—From St. Pancras, and Clerkenwell, for the Buildings Regulation Bill.—By Lord Wharncliffe, from Leeds, complaining of Distress, and praying for Inquiry and Relief.