HL Deb 08 July 1842 vol 64 cc1165-6

BILLS. Public.—.1a. Perth Prison; Charitable Pawn Offices (Ireland); District Courts and Prisons; Primrose Hill.

2a Stock in Trade; Railways; British Possessions Abroad.

3a and passed:—Customs' Acts.

PrivateReported.— Milton's Estate; Crawfurd's Estate;

Leeds Burial Ground.

3° and passed:—Leeds Improvement; Ross and Cromarty Court House; Blackburn and Chorley Road; Toxteth Park Paving and Sewerage (No. 2).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Bishop of Norwich, from Coal Miners of Huddersfield, Horbury, Almondbury, Glland, Lofthouse; by Earl Stanhope, from Kirkbeaton, Alverthorp, Stanley, Wentworth, and Elsean, in Favour of the Mines and Collieries Bill. —By Lord Strafford, from the Masters of Adwalter Colliery; by Lord Monteagle, Lord Denman, and the Earl of Cardigan, from several Colliery Owners, against part of the Bill, and Praying for Inquiry,—By the Earl of Mountcashell, from York, St. John's and St. Andrew's, New Brunswick, against any Alteration of the Duty on Wood Goods.—By the Lord Chancellor, from Merchants, Bankers, and Traders of London, for the Amendment of the Law respecting Debtor and Creditor.—From the Bakers of Belfast, for the Better Regulation of their Trade.—From the Royal Burgh of Rothesay, and the Parish of Echt, in the county of Aberdeen, for the Repeal of the Law of Patronage.— By Earl Stanhope, from the Inhabitants of London, com plaining that the Provisions of the Anatomy Act have not been carried out, and for Inquiry; and from Prisoners in the Queen's Bench Prison, for the Alteration of certain Parts Of the Queen's Prison Act.—From the Widow of Sir Samuel Bentham, to be heard against the National Floating Breakwater Company Bill.—From John Wall- worth, of Manchester, to be heard against the Imperial Bank of England Bill.— By Earl Stanhope, from Rational Socialists, for Inquiry into the System.