HL Deb 07 July 1842 vol 64 c1088

BILLS. Public.—1a Right of Voting (Dublin University); Sudbury Disfranchisement; Mines and Collieries; Dean Forest Ecclesiastical Districts.

Committed.—Tithe Commutation; Custom's Acts (The Tariff.)

Private.—1a.National Floating Breakwater.

2a Liverpool and Manchester Railway; Duke of Buckingham and Chaudos Estate: Reading Cemetery; London Bridge and Royal Exchange Approaches.

Reported.— Ross and Cromarty Court House; Blackburn and Chorley Road; Toxteth Park Paving and Sewerage (No. 2.)

3a. and passed:—Deptford Pier; Cauvin's Estate; Calland's (Higgen's) Estate; Viscount Lorton's Estate; Liverpool Improvement.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Lord Campbell, from Miners and others of Silkstone, in the County of York, of the Mugg Hill Plt. in the parish of Thornhill, the Crop in Silkstone; and by Lord Hatherton, from Staffordshire, against Parts of the Mines and Collieries Bill, and praying for Inquiry.