HL Deb 01 July 1842 vol 64 c858

BILLS. Public.—la. London Bridge and Royal Exchange Approaches; Stock in Trade; New South Wales.

Private.Reported.— Lord Southampton's Estate.

3a. and passed:—Duke of Bridgewater's Trustees Estate.

Received the Royal Assent.—Justices Jurisdiction Act Amendment; Copyright; Public Houses; Municipal Corporations (Ireland); North American Colonial Association of Ireland.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Duke of Leinster, the Earl of Mountcashell, and the Earl of Glengall, from Several Charities and Dispensaries (Ireland), against the Medical Charities (Ireland) Bill.—By the Bishop of London, from Colliers and Miners of Dodworth, Wakefield, and Hayland, against Employment of Females in Mines.—By Lord Brougham, from the Liskeard Institution, to Exempt Literary and Scientific Institutions from Rates and Taxes By the Earl of Fingall, from Oldham, to secure Religious Instruction to Roman Catholics in the Army and Navy.—From Inhabitants of York Street, Portman Square, for the Redemption of Tolls on Metropolitan Bridges.