HL Deb 07 April 1842 vol 62 c1

MINUTES.] BILLS. Public.—1a Parish Property; Forged Exchequer Bills; Public Works; Spirit Duties (Ireland); Agents Advances.

Private.—1a Severn Navigation; Nottingham Gas (No. 1); Cheltenham and Great Western Union Railway; Bradford (York) Waterworks; West Stirlingshire Roads. 2a Windsor Bridge.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Earl of Bandon, and the Earl of Wicklow, from Tanderagee, Longford, Down, Dundalk, Antrim, and other places, for the Ratification of Past and Future Mixed Marriages between Dissenters and Members of the Church of England.—By Lord Campbell, from Prisoners in White cross-street, for the Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt, except in cases of Fraud.—By Lord Brougham, from the Anti-Slavery Society of Belfast, for the Abolition of Slavery in the East Indies; and from the Literary Society of Kingston-upon-Thames, that such Institutions may be Exempted from the operation of the Income-tax.—From Glanworth, Rockmills, Bathelara, Kilmeen, Youghall, and other places, for the Encouragement of Schools in connection with the Church Education Society of Ireland.—From Dunboe, for the Abolition of Patronage in the Church of Scotland.—From Dundalk, for a Line of Railway connecting Dublin with Belfast, and passing through Dundalk.—From the Tradesman's Society of Aberdeen, for Inquiry into the Military Protection afforded to the Deposed Ministers of Strathbogie.—From the Guardians of the Chitton Union, that Owners of Small Tenements under the Yearly Rent or Value of 6l. may be Assessed to the Poor and other Parochial Rates.—From Douglas, Lanarkshire, for the Repeal of the Corn-laws.