HL Deb 28 May 1839 vol 47 cc1056-7

The Lord Chancellor, the Marquess of Lansdowne, Viscount Duncannon, the Earl of Shaftesbury, and Lord Falkland sat as Royal Commissioners to give her Majesty's assent to the Speaker chosen by the House of Commons.

Mr. Shaw Lefevre,

attended by the Mover, Seconder, and a large body of Members, having appeared at the bar,

The Clerk having read the royal Commission,

Mr. Shaw Lefevre

said—My Lords, I have to acquaint your Lordships, that, in obedience to her Majesty's commands, and in exercise of their undoubted right, her Majesty's most faithful Commons have proceeded to the election of a Speaker, and that their choice had fallen upon me. Deeply impressed with a sense of my own unworthiness, I now present myself at your bar, and submit myself to her Majesty's royal approbation.

The Lord Chancellor

—Mr. Shaw Lefevre, we have it in command from her Majesty, to declare her Majesty's entire confidence in your talents, diligence, and efficiency, to fulfil the important duties of the high office of Speaker of the House of Commons, to which you have been chosen by that House. In obedience to the communication which has been just read, by virtue of the authority therein contained, we do now declare her Majesty's royal approbation and allowance of you, Sir, as Speaker of the House of Commons.

The Speaker

—My Lords, I submit myself, with all humility, to her Majesty's royal will and pleasure, and if, in the discharge of my duty, and in the maintenance of the rights of the Commons' House of Parliament, I am led into any involuntary error, I humbly entreat that it may be imputed to me alone, and not to her Majesty's faithful Commons.

The Speaker and the other Members retired.

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