HL Deb 25 March 1839 vol 46 c1175

Bills. Read a second time:—Tithe Composition Arrears (Ireland).—Read a third time:—Duke of Wellington's Estate.

Petitions presented. By the Bishop of BANGOR, from, several places in that See, against applying the Surplus Reve- nues of the Bishopric of St. Asaph's otherwise than to Amending poor Livings in the United See.—By the Earl of CAMPERDOWN, and Lord BROUGHAM, from several places, for a Uniform Penny Postage.—By Lord BROUGHAM, and Viscount MELBOURNE, from several places, against the Beer-laws.—By Lord BROUGHAM, from a great number of places, for the Immediate and Total Repeal of the Corn-laws, and all other Restrictions on Free Trade.—By the Archbishop of CANTERBURY, from Blackburn, and a place in Sussex, against any plan of National Education not founded on the Scriptures.—By the Earl of ABERDEEN, from several places, and Lord WHARNCLIFFE, from several places, for Church Extension in Scotland.—By the Earls of BANDON, RODEN, and TANKERVILLE, against the Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Viscount MELBOURNE, from Ceylon, for Steam Communication between that place and Madras.—By the Bishop of CHESTER, from nine Ecclesiastical bodies in the Diocese of Bangor, for Amending the Act 7th William 4th, chap.7.—By the Earl of CHARLEVILLE, from the Magistrates of Queen's County, for Inquiry into the Outrages lately perpetrated there.—By Lord LIFFORD, from some place, for the Repeal of part of the Poor-law Act.