HL Deb 04 March 1839 vol 45 c1143

Bill. Read a second time:—Suspension of Ecclesiastical Appointments.

Petitions presented. By the Earl of SHAFIESBURY, from Brentford, against the Beer Act.—By the Bishop of ST. ASAPH, from Llangollen, for Church Extension in North America—By Lord KENYON, from two places in Wales, for Assistance to the Clergy in that part of the country.—By the Duke of WELLINGTON, and the Earl of STRADBROKE, from two places, against the Repeal of the Cornlaws.—By Lord REDESDALE, from the Magistracy of Norfolk, for Amending the Beer Act.—By Lord GLENELG, from a place in Invemesshire, for Church Extension and from Inverness, for the Total and Immediate Repeal of the Corn-laws.