HL Deb 08 May 1838 vol 42 c966

Petitions presented. By the Bishop of EXETER, from Stockport, by Lord KING, from Guildford, by the Earl of CARLISLE, from several places in Cumberland, by the Marquess of SLIGO, from Debenham, the parishes of St. George and St. John, Dublin, Belfast, and Great Yarmouth, for the Abolition of the Apprenticeship System in the West Indies.—By the Bishop of EXETER, from Clare (Suffolk), expressive of deep alarm at the encroachments of Popery, and praying for a repeal of the Act of 1829.—By Viscount BERESFORD, from Carlow, and Viscount LORTON, from Roscommon, against the Irish Poor-law Bill.—By Viscount LORTON, from Antrim, against the present system of Education in Ireland.