HL Deb 26 March 1838 vol 41 c1210

Petitions presented. By the Earl of DURHAM, from Congregations of Dissenters in the city of Durham, by the Bishop of HEREFORD, from Hereford, and several Congregations of Dissenters in his Diocese, by the Bishop of CHESTER, from Chester and other places, by the Earl of SHAFTESBURY, from the Protestant Dissenters of Dorchester, by the Earl of CARLISLE, from Morpeth, by the Earl of RADNOR, from Devizes, by the Duke of CLEVELAND, from Stockton-upon-Tees, West Bromwich, and other places, by Lord FOLEY, from two parishes in Warwickshire, by the Marquess of SLIGO, from some Congregations of Dissenters at Oldham, from Saddle-worth, from Abbey-street Chapel (Dublin), from Ashton-under-Lyne, from Bradford, from several Congregations of Dissenters at Leeds, from Droitwich, from Barnsley, and from several other places, by Lord BROUGHAM, from Congregations of Dissenters at Stockport, from upwards of 5,000 inhabitants of Stockport, from Baptist Ministers of London, from upwards of 300 Sunday-school Teachers at Stockport, from Stamford, from Winslow, from Bath, from Thirsk, from Colchester, from Coventry, from Dundalk, from Knaresborough, from Bridgnorth, and from several other places, in all ninety-four petitions, by the Bishop of LONDON, from Putney, from Huntingdon, and from Walworth, by the Marquess of LANSDOWNE, from Westbury, and from Devizes, by the Archbishop of CANTERBURY, from Rotherham, and by Lord HOLLAND, from the Congregations of Dissenters at Preston, for the abolition of Negro Apprenticeship.—By the Earl of DURHAM, from Glasgow, by the Earl of ROSEBERRY, from Stirling, from Dunfermline, and from Culross, by Lord BROUGHAM, from Edinburgh, and from a Public Meeting of the Friends of Civil and Religious Liberty at the City of London Tavern, from Galashiels, from Irvine, and from Saltcoats, against further Endowments to the Church of Scotland.—By the Earl of DURHAM, from Newbottle (Durham), and Moreton (Gloucestershire), in favour of the Ballot; and from Glasgow, in favour of a repeal of the Corn-laws.—By the Bishop of CHESTER, from four Members of the Chapter of the Cathedral Church at Chester, to be heard by Council at the Bar of the House against alterations in the Chapter of that Cathedral.—By the Earl of ABERDEEN, from the Synod of Aberdeen, for means to provide additional Accommodation in the Church of Scotland.—By the Marquess of LANSDOWNE, from some place in the county of Cork, in favour of the abolition of Tithes.