HL Deb 15 March 1838 vol 41 c899

Bill. Read a second time:—Residence of the Clergy.

Petitions presented. By the Bishop of LONDON, from the Clergy of the Isle of Man, to continue the See of Sodor and Man.—By the Duke of CLEVELAND, from Baptists of Stockton-upon-Tees, and another place, by the Earl of ALBEMARLE, from Hadleigh, Woodbridge, Sutton, and other places, by the Earl of FALMOUTH, from Truro, by the Earl of DEVON, from Ivy-bridge (Devon), by Lord DACRE, from Bradley, and a place in Hertfordshire, by the Earl of ILCHESTER, from the Dissenters of Highbridge, and from the Baptists, Mariners' Chapel, the Wesleyan Methodists, the Society of Friends, the Unitarian Congregation, and the Independent Congregation of Bridgewater, by the Earl of BURLINGTON, from Mansfield, Notts, two places in Westmoreland, and one place in Lancashire, by the Earl of STRADBROKE, from Stradbroke, Aldeburgh, and four other places in the county of Suffolk, and by Lord BROUGHAM, from many places in England, particularly Yorkshire and Lancashire, for the immediate abolition of Negro Apprenticeship.—By the Earl of ALBEMARLE, from Dromore, against the proposed Poor-law for Ireland.—By Lord REDESDALE, from Lyme Regis, against the system of National Education.—By Lord BROUGHAM, from Herne Bay, and from the Mechanics' Institution at Leamington Priors, in favour of the Bill for establishing National Education; from Dunfermline, the first United Associate Congregation of Paisley, the United Associate Congregation of Paisley, the inhabitants of a parish in the county of Haddington, the Albion-street Chapel (Glasgow), the Sessional Relief Congregation of Dumbarton, and from three places in Lancashire, against additional Endowment to the Scotch Church; from Yarmouth, for the abolition of Capital Punishments; and from the Working Men's Association of Braintree and Bookend, for a repeal of the Corn-laws.