HL Deb 25 July 1838 vol 44 c590

MINUTES.] Bills. Read a first time:—Recovery of Tenements; Registration of Electors; Arms and Gunpowder (Ireland); Constables on Public Works; Turnpike Acts Continuance; and Turnpike Acts Continuance (Ireland).—Read a third time:—Conveyance of Estates; and Dublin Police.

Petitions presented. By Lord WHARNCLIFFE, from Wesleyan Methodists of Whitby, Rugeley, Yoxhall, and various other places, and by the Earl of DEVON, from Penryn, for the prevention of Idolatry in India. [A Conference was held with the Commons on the subject of the Lords Amendments to the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill, to which the Commons had not agreed, and the result reported to the House.]