HL Deb 23 December 1837 vol 39 c1509

Bill. Read a first time:—Duchess of Kent's Annuity.

Petitions presented. By the Marquess of LANSDOWNE, from several Parishes in the county of Meath, for the Abolition of Tithes.

Her Majesty went in state to the House of Peers to-day to give her assent to the Civil List Bill, and thank the Parliament for it. The Commons having been summoned to the bar of the House of Peers, The Speaker then addressed her Majesty to the following effect:— MOST GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN, We, your Majesty's faithful Commons, approach your Majesty with dutiful respect. In making provision for the support of the dignity and honour of the Crown we have acted in a liberal and confiding spirit, trusting that that which has been freely granted will be so administered as to conciliate the favour and command the respect of your Majesty's people. I now beg leave to tender to your Majesty a Bill, entitled "An Act for the support of her Majesty's household, and of the honour and dignity of the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to which we humbly pray your Majesty will be pleased to give your royal assent.

Her Majesty rose and curtsied in acknowledgment.

The royal assent was then given to the Bill in the usual form, and also to the Slave Compensation Bill, the Juries at Sessions Bill, the Houses of Parliament Bill, the Municipal Declaration Bill, the Prisoners' Conveyance (Ireland) Bill, and several Naturalization Bills.

The House adjourned to Tuesday, the 16th of January.