HL Deb 17 June 1836 vol 34 cc575-6

A Report was presented from the Library Committee of their Lordships, stating that the librarian had received, and had in his possession, 1,872 volumes presented by the French Chamber of Peers to the House of Lords. The Committee recommended the appointment of an assistant librarian.

The Duke of Richmond

said, that the French Chamber of Peers had not only sent copies of their own Journals and valuable papers, but also copies of some of the most valuable works in France. He thought that their Lordships ought to place on their Journals an acknowledgment of the gift. He would therefore move that the House had heard with great pleasure the Report of the Library Committee, and that they felt grateful for the valuable accession thus made to their library.

The Earl of Devon

could state from his own observation, that the Chamber of Peers had endeavoured to make the gift in every way worthy of the acceptance of this House.

The Marquess of Lansdowne

fully concurred in what had fallen from his noble Friend (the Duke of Richmond), whose motion he cordially seconded.

Lord Ashburton

asked, if there was any precedent for the House communicating as a body with any foreign body?

The Duke of Richmond

said, the noble Baron had mistaken him. He had not made any motion to the effect which the noble Baron had supposed. All he had moved was, that the House received with pleasure the Report of the Committee, and felt grateful for so valuable an accession to their library. He was aware that there was another mode of conveying the feelings of the House without a direct communication from it as a body.

The Marquess of Lansdowne

said, the expression of the feelings of the House would be communicated, through the Foreign Secretary, to the French Government.

Motion agreed to.

The Duke of Richmond

said, that that vote being carried, he would now move that it be an instruction to the Library Committee to send forthwith to the French Chamber of Peers the remaining Journals and papers of the House of Lords, from the date of the last presentation of them up to the present time.—Agreed to.