HL Deb 09 June 1836 vol 34 c213
The Earl of Wicklow

said, he had on Monday evening given notice to their Lordships, that he would to-morrow move for documents relative to certain proceedings in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland, but when he gave that notice he was not aware of the fact that there was an appeal before their Lordships touching that particular subject. Now, though his Motion would not affect that case, yet he could not answer for the turn the discussion might take, or for the observations which might fall from others, and he should be sorry that such a Motion should lead to anything like a prejudging of the case. He, therefore, had no other course to adopt but that of requesting their Lordships to allow him to withdraw the notice. He must, however, observe, that the case stood very low on the paper, and most probably, if something were not done to expedite it, the question would not be settled in the present Session. It was, however, most important to the individual that this question should be decided speedily. If it were not, it would occasion very great inconvenience to the party whose interests were concerned. He therefore hoped that some steps would be taken to expedite the cause. If, however, that were not done, he certainly should bring the subject before their Lordships.

The Lord Chancellor

said, it was perfectly true that there was such an appeal pending before their Lordships, and also that it was very low on the paper. If some steps were not taken to expedite it, the case could not be decided in the present Session. It was very important that it should be speedily decided, and for that purpose he thought that their Lordships ought to adopt some measure.

Subject dropped.

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