HL Deb 16 August 1836 vol 35 c1247

The House went into Committee on the Corporate Property (Ireland) Bill.

On the 1st Clause,

Lord Lyndhurst

said, that he had some amendments to propose. The purport of them was to prevent the alienation of Corporate property in Ireland till the 1st of September, 1837, or till such intervening time, as Parliament might otherwise provide, except such alienation as might be the consequence of bonâ fide contracts, entered into before such date as their Lordships might fix in the Bill, and also excepting such alienations and disposition of property, as might be necessary to carry on the business of the corporations. He would move those amendments, without intending any discussion on them at present, but have them printed with the Bill, and their discussion could be taken on a future day, on the report. He would also object to some words in the preamble, to which he had stated his objection yesterday. He hoped, as this was a sort of compromise between him and the noble Viscount, that the noble Viscount would not object to the omission of those words in the second clause, "or any future reformation of such corporations." Those words would seem to imply that such a measure was intended.

Those words were, on the motion of the noble and learned Lord, struck out. The clauses were agreed to, and the House resumed.