HL Deb 26 April 1836 vol 33 c233

Bills. Read a third time:—Writers to the Signet Fund Bill.

Petitions presented. By H. R. H. the Duke of CUMBERLAND, from Dublin, against the Municipal Corporations' (Ireland) Bill.—By Lord WHARNCLIFFE, from Kingston-upon-Hull, against the Municipal Corporations' (Ireland) Bill.—By several NOBLE LORDS, from various Places, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By the Duke of NEWCASTLE, from Halifax-place Chapel, Nottingham, against Sunday Trading.—By Lord CLONCURRY, from Belfast, and from Bangor, in favour of the Irish Municipal Reform Bill.—By Lord GODOLPHIN, from Wisbeach and Roscrea, for the Repeal of the Duties on Newspapers.—By Lord LYNDHURST, from the Attorneys of Alcester, Carmarthen, and the Inhabitants of Stratford-upon-Avon, for the Alteration of the Ecclesiastical Courts' Consolidation Bill relating to the Probate Duty on Wills; and by the Earl of WESTMORELAND, from Newport, for an Alteration of the Law relative to Beer Shops.—By the Duke of CLEVELAND, from Sunderland, in favour of the Municipal Corporations' Act Amendment Bill—By Lord SEGRAVE, from Gloucester, praying that the Administration of Criminal Justice in certain Cases may be transferred from the Jurisdiction of the Magistrates in their Local Districts.—By the Marquess of LANSDOWNE, from Limerick, in favour of the Municipal Corporations' (Ireland) Bill.—By Viscount MELBOURNE, from various Places, in favour of the Municipal Corporations' (Ireland) Bill, and for a Reduction of Taxation, Household Suffrage, and Vote by Ballot.