HL Deb 03 March 1835 vol 26 cc489-90
The Duke of Wellington

said, that not having been in the House yesterday, he could not lay upon the Table the Report of the Committee of the Privy Council on the subject of the cause of the fire which had destroyed the two Houses of Parliament. He now begged leave to lay the Report before their Lordships. In the communication which his Majesty had made to both Houses, his Majesty stated that as soon as the misfortune occurred he had directed arrangements to be made for the temporary accommodation of the Members of both Houses, and that it would be the care of the Lords and Commons themselves to consider what would be the best means of providing for their own permanent accommodation, as that question could be best settled by themselves. The mode in which this matter was to be taken into consideration was by the appointment of Committees of the two Houses. It became his duty therefore, in obedience to the commands of his Majesty, to move "that a Select Committee be appointed to take into consideration, and to report on, the best means of carrying into effect his Majesty's most gracious wishes, with reference to the rebuilding of the two Houses of Parliament." There must, of course, be a communication between the Committee of their Lordships, and that appointed by the other House, and the Measure finally agreed on, would require to be adopted by both Houses of Parliament.

Lord Brougham

had no doubt that it was intended that the temporary accom- modation for their Lordships should be as complete as possible; but he could not avoid noticing the very bad air which they were breathing. The air from the stoves was exceedingly unwholesome. The smell was like that which was experienced in a place newly painted. If this really were the cause, it was not only disagreeable, but positively unwholesome.

The Earl of Rosslyn

believed the House was at present heated by steam. He could not imagine how the unpleasant smell could be occasioned.

Committee appointed.

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