HL Deb 23 July 1834 vol 25 c363

Bills. Read a second time:—Stannaries Court(Cornwall).—Read a third time:—Liverpool Conrt of Passage.

Petitions presented. By the Earl of ORFORD and Lord ROLLE, from several Places, for Protection to the Established Church, against the Separation of Church and State, and against the Claims of the Dissenters.—By the Earl of ORFORD, from several Places in Wales, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By the Earls of SHAFTESBURY and HARROWBY, from several Places,—for Protection to the Church of Scotland.—By Lord ELLENBOROUGH, from Barmouth, for Relieving Merchant Seamen from the Payment to Greenwich Hospital.—By Lord SUFFIELD, from Chelmsford and Ampthill, for altering the Laws relating to Incendiaries; from Royton (Oldham) against the Poor-Law Amendment Bill.—By the Earl of GOSFORD, from one Place, for Relief to the Agricultural Interest.