HL Deb 03 July 1834 vol 24 c1095

Bills. [The House met at ten o'clock, to receive further Evidence in support of the Warwick Disfranchisement Bill. Evidence was tendered to prove, that certain Electors of Warwick had Conspired to put the Names of certain Parties fraudulently on the Register; but Lord WYNFORD being of opinion, that such Evidence was inadmissible, adjourned the House till four o'clock, to obtain the opinion of the LORD CHANCELLOR on that point. At four o'clock, the LORD CHANCELLOR and Lord DENMAN both declared this Evidence to be inapplicable to the Case. The Counsel tendered Evidence to prove, that certain Electors had got up Riots in the Borough to destroy the freedom of Election; but this Evidence was also held to be inadmissible. The further consideration of this Bill was adjourned.]—Read a second time:—Warrants of Distress (Ireland).

Petitions presented. By the Dukes of WELLINGTON, BEAUFORT, and RUTLAND, Earls HOWE, and BURLINGTON, Lords FARNHAM, KENYON, and ROLLE, and the Bishop of CARLISLE, from a great Number of Places,—for Protection to the Established Church of England and Ireland, against the Claims of the Dissenters, and against the Separation of Church and State.—By the Duke of BUCCLEUGH, from Leith, Edinburgh, London, &c., in favour of the London and Westminster Bank Bill.—By Lord TEYNHAM, from Maple Bridge, for Relief to the Dissenters.—By the Earl of BURLINGTON, from Keighley, against part of the Poor-Law Amendment Bill; from Chesterfield, against the Metropolitan Registry of Deeds Bill.—By the Marquess of WESTMEATH, from several Places, for Protection to the Protestant Church in Ireland.—By a NOBLE LORD, from Coventry, against the Importation of Foreign Silks.—By the same, from Proprietors of Coal Mines in Warwickshire, to exempt such Property from the payment of Poor Rates; and by the LORD CHANCELLOR, from the Inhabitants of Kingstonupon-Hull, for the Repeal of the Stamp-Duties on Newspapers.