HL Deb 17 June 1833 vol 18 cc851-2

The Commons desired a Conference with their Lordships; which being agreed to, and the Conference having taken place,

The Marquess of Landsdown

reported that the Commons had communicated to the Conference the following Resolutions, to which they desired their Lordships' concurrence:—

  1. "1. That it is expedient that all his Majesty's subjects should be at liberty to repair to the ports of the empire of China, and to trade in tea, and in all other productions of the said empire, subject to such regulations as Parliament shall enact for the protection of the commercial and political interests of this country.
  2. "2. That it is expedient, that in case the East-India Company shall transfer to the Crown, on behalf of the Indian territory, all assets and claims of every description belonging to the said Company, the Crown, on behalf of the Indian territory, shall take on itself all the obligations of the said Company, of whatever description, and that the said company shall receive from the revenues of the said territory such a sum, and paid in such a manner, and under such regulations, as Parliament shall enact.
  3. "3. That it is expedient that the Government of the British possessions in India be intrusted to the said company, under such conditions and regulations as Parliament shall enact, for the purpose of extending the commerce of this country, and of securing the good government and 852 promoting the moral and religious improvement of the people of India."

The Resolutions were ordered to be printed.

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