HL Deb 22 April 1833 vol 17 c373

Papers ordered. On the Motion of the Duke of Richmond, an Account of all Sums paid out of the Consolidated Fund for Fees in both Houses of Parliament, for all Bills for Continuing or Amending any Acts concerning Turnpike Roads, from 27th February, 1829, to the present time.—On the Motion of the Marquess of CLANHICARDE, an Account of all Ecclesiastical Property vested in the Crown, in Pursuance of the Irish Statute, 6th Anne, cap. 6.

Petitions presented. By the Duke of GORDON, from the University of Aberdeen, for a Revision of the Apothecaries Act.—By Lord DE DUNSTANVILLE, from Roseland, to make Truro the Assize Town instead of Launceston.—By the Earl of RADNOR, from St. George's, Middlesex,—for a Repeal of the Septennial Act, Vote by Ballot, and a Repeal of the Assessed Taxes.—By Lord GRANTHAM, from St. James's, Westminster, against the Assessed Taxes.—By the Earl of RODEN, from Bewdley; and by a NOBLE LORD, from two Places,—against the Sale of Beer Act.—By the Earl of ROSEBERY, from Haddington, against the present System of Church Patronage in Scotland, and from the same Place, for an Alteration in the Forms and Practice of the Scotch Law Courts.—By the Earl of HADDINGTON, from the Synod of Merse and Teviotdale, against the New System of Education in Ireland.—By the Bishops of BANGOR. LINCOLN. GLOUCESTER, Lord REDESDALE, and the Earl of RODEN, from a Number of Places,—for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By the Duke of RICHMOND, the Marquess of LANSDOWNE, the Earls of RADNOR, UXBRIDGE, CLARENDON, GREY, RODEN, and ALBE-MARLE, Viscount MELBOURNE, Lords ROLLE, DACRE, POLTIMORE, SUFFLELD, GRANTHAM, and DINORREN, and by the Bishop of LINCOLN, from a great Number of Places,—against Slavery.—By Earl GREY, from Devonport and Stonchouse, for Emancipating the Jews.—By the Archbishop of DUBLIN, from the Clergy of Kildare and Cork, against the proposed Measure of Church Reform for Ireland.