HL Deb 30 March 1832 vol 11 c1090

Bills brought in. By Lord TENTERDEN, for Shortening the Time of Prescription in Certain Cases, and for Shortening the Time required to Claim Exemptions from paying Tithes:—By Lord AUCKLAND, for Consolidating and Amending the Laws against Offences relating to the Coin.

Petitions presented. By Lord KING, from the Landholders and Farmers of Kilbritten, for the Abolition of Tithes in Ireland:—By Lord CLONCURRY, from the Landholders of Coolbanaher and Ardu, for an Alteration in the System of Irish Tithes:—By Lord KING, from 2,100 Inhabitants of Leicester, in favour of the proposed System of Education for Ireland:—By Lord BEXLEY, from the Inhabitants of Rochester, Chatham, and Stroud in Kent:—By the Bishop of EXETER, from the Clergymen of his Diocese; and by the Earl of RODEN, from White Roothing, and Kilmalooda, against the said Plan of Education:—By Lord CLONCURRY, from the Distillers in Londonderry, for the Abolition of the Malt Drawback, or for the Suspension of the Spirit Intercourse with Scotland:—By Lord KING, from the Operative Spinners of Bury, for the Limitation of the Hours of Working of Children in Factories:—By Lord PETER, from the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Essex, in favour of Reform of Parliament.