HL Deb 21 June 1832 vol 13 c944

Papers ordered. On the Motion of the Bishop of EXETER, Copies of the Titles of all Books or Tracts edited, printed, or supplied for the use of Schools, by authority of the Board of Education in Ireland:—also, Lists of all Books or Tracts employed in any Schools, whether in the combined Moral and Literary Instruction, or in the separate Religious Instruction, with the sanction or approbation of the Board, or any Member or Members of the same.

Petitions presented. By the Marquess of ORMONDE, from Donagheavey; and by the Marquess of SLIGO, from Fiddown,—against Tithes.—By the Earl of HARROWBY, from Bursley, against the Beer Act.—By the Earl of RADNOR, from Axbridge;—by Viscount GODERICH, from Selby and Dudley;—and by the Earl of RODEN, from six Places in England and Ireland, for a Revision of the Criminal Code.—By the Marquess of SLIGO, from Mayo and Tuam, in favour of the Ministerial Plan of Education (Ireland);—and by the Earl of RODEN, from the Presbytery of Irvine, and other Places, against that Plan.