HL Deb 20 September 1831 vol 7 c229

Bills. Brought up from the Commons and read a first time; Surplus Ways and Means, and Administration of Justice (Ireland.) Read a second time; Waterloo Bridge New Street. Committed; Clare Presentment; Commissioners of Public Accounts (Ireland.) Read a third time; Public Works, England, and Turnpike Regulation.

Petitions presented. By Earl GREY, from Inhabitants of Ely, for Parliamentary Reform; from Shipowners, for an alteration in the Quarantine Laws; from Killarney and other places, for the abolition of Slavery; from Donegal and Galway, praying that Roman Catholics might participate in the Grants for Education; and from Waterford and other places, praying that the Yeomanry of Ireland might be disarmed. By the Duke of RICHMOND, from Mary Harfield of Westbourne, Sussex, praying for an alteration in the law to enable persons who might have their Thrashing Machines broken, to recover the Value of the same from the Hundred.