HL Deb 05 October 1831 vol 7 c1307

Bills. Received the Royal Assent by Commission; the Game Laws' Amendment; the Wine Duties'; and the Administration of Justice in Ireland. Brought up from the Commons, and read a first time; the Cotton Factories.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Viscount MELBOURNE, the Censuses for 1801, 1811, 1821, and 1831.

Petitions presented. By the Marquis of WESTMEATH, from the resident Justices of the Peace for Galway; from the Earl of WICKLOW, from the Catholic Free Burgesses of the Corporation of Galway, and by Lord CLONCURRY, from Galway, for the extension of the Franchise of that Town to Roman Catholics. In favour of the Reform Bill. By Lord AUCKLAND, from Greenwich signed by 2,500 Persons. By the Earl of ERROL, from the Society of High Constables of Perth. By a NOBLE LORD, from Hanley and Shelton in Staffordshire. By the Earl of CARLISLE, from Sandall Magna, and Market Harborough. By Viscount MIDDLETON, from Dudley, signed by 2,400 Persons. By Lord DACRE, from the County of Monmouth, and Householders of Cambridge. By the Earl of RADNOR, from Portmak, Butterworth, Eastwood and seven other places. By the Earl of Cloncurry, from Ardnarce and Clonakilty. By Lord PLUNKETT, from Grange Gorman. By the Duke of GRAFTON, from Ipswich, signed by 1,840 Persons. By Lord DACRE, from Freemen of Malden resident in London. By Viscount CLIFDEN, from Bicester, Market End. By a NOBLE LORD, from Tippermuir, Creiff, and Comrie. By Lord HOLLAND, from Castle Baynard Ward London; and from the Odd Fellows of Nottingham. By the Marquis of LANSDOWN, from Desborough and Burnham. By the Duke of SUSSEX, from Tipton, signed by 1,500 Persons; from St. Mary, Kensington; and from the Parish of the Holy Trinity, Brompton. By Lord KING, from the Isle of Wight; from a place in Somersetshire; from West Ham, in Essex, signed by 1,100 Persons from three places in Lincolnshire; from a Parish in the West Riding of Yorkshire; and from the Members of the Leamington Political Union. By Viscount MELBOURNE, from a place in Aberdeen. By the LORD CHANCELLOR, from the City of Winchester; from a place in Staffordshire; from the Cordwainers of London; from the Magistrates and Town Council of the Royal Burgh of Ayr in Scotland, and from the several Incorporated Trades in that Burgh. By the Marquis of WESTMINSTER, from the County of Flint. By Earl GREY, from Chelsea, signed by 1,184 Persons. By Lord HOLLAND, from Harwich.—Against the Reform Bill. By the Earl of HAREWOOD, from the Bankers, Gentry, Merchants, and other Inhabitants of Bradford. By the Earl of SHAFTESBURY, from Launceston. By the Duke of WELLINGTON, from the Isle of Thanet, in Kent. By the Earl of JERSEY, from the Borough of Minehead.