HL Deb 25 March 1831 vol 3 c922

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Lord AUCKLAND, the last Report from the National Vaccine Establishment; summary statements of the number of Persons charged with Criminal Offences, who were committed to the different Gaols of England and Wales for trial at the Assizes and Sessions held for the several Counties, Cities, Towns, and Liberties therein, during the last seven years, distinguishing the number in each year, and shewing the nature of the crimes, respectively, of which they were convicted, acquitted, and with which those were charged, against whom no bills were found, and who were not prosecuted; also, the sentences of those convicted, and the number executed of those who received sentence of death.

Petitions presented. In favour of Reform, by the Duke of GRAFTON, from Suffolk:—By Lord AUCKLAND, from Hereford:—By the Duke of DEVONSHIRE, from Derby, Youghall, and Clapham:— By the Duke of Norfolk from Tuam:—By Lord KING, from Miles Platting (a suburb of Manchester), and various places in Scotland:—By the Duke of RICHMOND, from Hailsham:—By Earl GREY, from Hounslow, and other places:—By the Marquis of BUTE, from the County of Glamorgan. By Lord KING, from the Agricultural Associations of South Hams and Teignbridge; and from a Parish in Devonshire, for the Amendment of the Poorlaws. By the Duke of RICHMOND from the Apprentice Boys of Derry against a Repeal of the Union:—By Lord PLUNKETT, from Macroom, in the County of Cork, for such a Repeal. By Lord WHARNCLIFFS, from Rothwell, for a Repeal of the Assessed Taxes.