HL Deb 08 July 1831 vol 4 c953

The Marquis of Downshire, in presenting a Petition which, he said, was most respectably signed, from Wine Merchants in the City of Dublin, praying that additional Duties might not be enforced upon certain Wines, said, he wished to take that opportunity of correcting a misstatement which had been circulated through the public Press in Ireland, respecting what he had said last week, when presenting a Petition from Newry, on the subject of the Poor-laws. It was erroneously stated, that he had brought in a bill relating to the establishment of Poor-laws in Ireland. He had done no such thing. On the contrary, he had stated, that although he had formed no opinion himself upon the subject, yet he considered it one of importance, and deserving the attention of Parliament. He had also stated, at the same time, his conviction, that the more attention was paid to important subjects connected with Ireland, the more advantage would be likely to be derived from them; and that they should not (to use, the expression which he had before used) be determined on in a crude state. He had troubled their Lordships with these few words because he was unwilling that it should be supposed he had pledged himself to a measure, respecting which, on the contrary, he had not yet made up his mind.

Petition laid on the Table.

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