HL Deb 07 July 1831 vol 4 c921

Bill read a third time. Suits at Common Law.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of the Earl of HADDINGTON, "An account of the number of Degrees taken Annually in the University of Edinburgh from the year 1800 to the year 1830 inclusive, distinguishing the Faculties, and stating the number of Graduates in each of the four faculties respectively; also, distinguishing, so far as may be possible, those who have taken Degrees after residence, and attendance at Lectures for the space of one or more Sessions, from those who have received Degrees without such residence or attendance; and also similar accounts from the Universities of Glasgow, St. Andrew's, King's College, Aberdeen, and Marischal College, Aberdeen."

Petitions presented. By Lord SKELMERSDALE, from Millers and Corn Dealers of Liverpool, Warrington, Chester, and Rochdale, against the Importation of Foreign Flour. By Earl GOWER, from several Districts in Gloucestershire against the Truck System:—And by Lord CALTHORP, a similar Petition, from Hales Owen. By the Earl of HARE-WOOD, from Leeds, for the Establishment of Poor-laws in Ireland.