HL Deb 04 February 1831 vol 2 c134

The Judgment in Execution Bill, to which the Commons had agreed, with some amendments, was brought up.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Lord FARNHAM, alt Tobacco imported into Ireland and England for seven years, ending on the 5th of January last; and the quantity of Tobacco exported in the same period; distinguishing the quantity imported and exported in each year.

Petitions presented. In favour of Parliamentary Reform, by Lord KING, from Launceston; from the parish of St. James, Clerkenwell; from the Kidderminster Political Union; from the Royal Burgh of Stirling; from the Royal Burgh of Perth; from the Shoemaker Incorporation of Perth; from Auchtermuchty, in Fifeshire; and from the town and neighbourhood of Knaresborougli:—By the Earl of RADNOR, from Totness; Lewes; the Ward of Farringdon Without; Dursley; Wolverhampton, signed by 1,500 persons; Cropper-street, Manchester, signed by 500 persons; New Romney; and from Cottingham, in the County of York: —By the Earl of ROSSLYN, from four Royal Burghs in the County of Fife, which had lost their elective franchise at the time of the Union; and from Galway, for an alteration in the Elective Franchise. By the Duke of NORFOLK, a similar Petition, from the Roman Catholic inhabitants of the parish of St. Nicholas, Galway; and from Galway, praying for the abolition of Negro Slavery. For the repeal of the Stamp Duty on Newspapers, by the Earl of RANDOR, from Walsal.