HL Deb 03 August 1831 vol 5 c647
The Marquis of Londonderry

, seeing the noble Earl at the head of his Majesty's Government in his place, observed, that he wished to ask the noble Earl a question which might be material, in relation to the debate which was expected to take place on Friday, on the motion of the noble Earl (Aberdeen) on that side of the House. He wished to know, whether orders or directions had been given to the civil and military authorities at Portsmouth, to receive Donna Maria as Queen of Portugal? Since Donna Maria had been here before, circumstances had altered, and different arrangements might be called for. If Donna Maria were to be recognized as Queen of Portugal, it was obvious, that this country would be still further alienated from the present ruling authorities in Portugal, and that the resumption of our usual confidential and friendly relations with that Power, would be very problematical, or at least postponed to a distant period.

Earl Grey

, not having had any notice as to what the nature of the motion was, which the noble Earl proposed to bring forward on Friday, could not be prepared to say whether the reception of her—he did not know how to designate her, lest he should be censured for using some improper expression—but he did not know whether the reception of Donna Maria would have any bearing on the noble Earl's motion or not. But he could undertake to say, that the only answer which he could give to the noble Marquis's question could have no bearing on the noble Earl's motion, or on any thing else; for he did not know what orders or directions had been given as to the reception of Donna Maria, nor did he know that any orders at all had been given on the subject.