HL Deb 28 May 1830 vol 24 c1189

Petitions presented. By Lord KING from Harburton and Cornworthy, in the County of Devon, in favour of an open Trade to India and China. By the Marquis of LANSDOWN, from Persons engaged in the Cotton and Woollen manufactories of Manchester, praying for an Alteration in the Measure which regulates the hours of Labour of Children employed in similar Factories. By Lord CALTHORPE, for the Abolition of Slavery, from Rochester, Chatham, and other Places.

The Lord CHANCELLOR informed their Lordships that he had received a Letter from Sir T. Tyrwhitt, the Gentle-man Usher of the Black Rod, acquainting him of the resignation of Mr. Quarme, the Yeoman Usher, and of the appointment of Mr. Pulman to that Office.

The Karl of SHAFTESBURY proposed an humble Address to his Majesty, recommending Robert Quarme, Esq. for his long and meritorious services—he and his father having filled that situation for Forty-three years—to his Majesty's grace and bounty—Agreed to.