HL Deb 24 April 1828 vol 19 c49

The following Protest against the introduction of the words "on the true faith of a Christian" in the Declaration, was entered on the Journals.


  1. 1. "Because—The introduction of the words 'upon the true faith of a Christian' implies an opinion in which I cannot con scientiously concur, namely, that a particular faith in matters of religion is necessary to the proper discharge of duties purely political or temporal.
  2. 2. "Because—It appears from two acts, the one passed in the 10th year of George 1st. cap. 4, and the other in the 15th year of George 2nd. cap. 7, that the words upon the faith of a Christian' occurring in the Oath of Abjuration have been dispensed with in cases which were found not to be within the spirit and scope of the original law—and it seems to me inexpedient to introduce unnecessarily into a Declaration of this nature a form of words which experience has shewn may produce effects not contemplated by those who imposed it.