HL Deb 14 November 1826 vol 16 cc1-2

This being the day appointed for the meeting of the New Parliament, several Peers assembled at two o'clock. Soon after that hour, lord chancellor Eldon, the duke of Wellington, the earl of Westmorland, the earl of Liverpool, and the earl of Harrowby took their seats in front of the Throne, as his Majesty's Commissioners. The Lord Chancellor then directed the Deputy Usher of the Black Rod to proceed to the Commons and summon that House to attend at their Lordships' bar forthwith. The Deputy Usher proceeded accordingly to the House of Commons, and soon after returned, accompanied by the clerks of that House and a considerable number of the members. The Lord Chancellor stated to the Commons, that his Majesty had been pleased to issue a Commission under the great seal, appointing certain lords therein named to open the Parliament; which Commission the clerk would then read.—The Commission having accordingly been read, the Lord Chancellor said, that in obedience to his Majesty's commands, he had to inform the Lords and Gentlemen then in attendance, that as soon as a sufficient number of members of both Houses should be sworn, his Majesty would declare the causes which had induced him to call the parliament together. In the mean time it was his Majesty's pleasure, that the Gentlemen of the House of Commons should return to the place where they usually held their sittings, and there proceed to choose a fit and proper person to be their Speaker; and that they should present the person so chosen at the bar of their Lordships' House to-morrow at two o'clock, for his Majesty's approbation.—The Commons then withdrew, and their Lordships heard prayers. After which, the oaths were taken in the usual form by the Lords present.