HL Deb 13 March 1815 vol 30 c150

The following Protest was entered upon the Journals:


"Because inquiry has been deemed necessary to afford this House full information respecting the state of the growth, the commerce, and the consumption of grain, and all laws relating thereto, previous to the adoption of any new regulation on these subjects.

"Because, though a committee has been appointed for the purpose of such inquiries, and has produced a voluminous Report, containing much information respecting the matters referred to their consideration, it is acknowledged in that Report that the investigation is not complete, and it is anticipated as the opinion of this House, that it will be proper to resume the inquiry before any alteration takes place in the laws affecting the interests both of the growers and consumers of corn.

"Because, with the obvious deficiency of information thus acknowledged in the Report of the Committee itself, and with the strong doubts which so many persons entertain as to the propriety of making any change in the existing laws, we cannot think it expedient to proceed to legislate upon a subject, which, of all others, requires the fullest and most patient investigation, and in which the mischief of any error must be so extensive and dangerous.