HL Deb 12 April 1808 vol 11 c30
Earl Stanhope

called the attention of the house to this bill, which he said purported to be a bill to amend the law, but which, in his opinion, tended to make it worse. He thought that part of the bill in particular which related to proceedings on information highly objectionable. He did not mean to debate the bill now; his object was, that a day should be fixed for the second reading, and that it should be fully discussed. He therefore moved; that the bill be read a 2nd time on the 16th of May, and that the lords be summoned.

Lord Holland

thanked his noble friend for bringing this subject forward; and although the part of the bill alluded to by his noble friend might not be exactly that on which he should found his objections, he yet must say, without now entering into the subject, that this bill was a great innovation upon the constitution; and he trusted when the day of discussion arrived, that those who supported the bill would be prepared to state to the house the reasons on which it was founded.—The bill was ordered to be read a 2nd time on the 16th of May, and the lords to be summoned.