HL Deb 22 May 1805 vol 5 c46

Counsel were finally heard relative to the Irish Appeal, Reddington v. Reddington, viz. Mr. Plomer at some length in reply on the part of the appellant.—The bills upon the table were forwarded in their several stages.—The Military Expenditure Enquiry bill; the Naval Enquiry Renewal bill; and the Wine Duties' bill, were brought up from the commons, and severally read a first time. On the reading of the Wine Duties' bill, the earl of Suffolk observed, that there had been a memorial presented and signed by a number of officers in the army, praying, on account of the high price of wine, and on account of the excessive duties, a drawback with respect to the latter in their favour; this he thought a consideration of importance, which did not appear to be attended to, and he lamented that the price of the article was now so high, as that a subaltern officer could not afford to indulge himself with a glass of wine.