HL Deb 07 March 1805 vol 3 cc786-7


In a committee of privileges, Mr. Adam was farther heard on behalf of the claim of lady Ann Fitzgerald to the barony of Rous. Mr. Romilly, on behalf of sir Thomas Windsor Hunloke, another claimant, and the attorney-general on the part of the crown, prayed farther time, on which the farther consideration was postponed till this day se'nnigbt.—Mr. Johnson, from the office of the chief secretary; for Ireland, presented an account of the notes of the bank of Ireland, in circulation from Jan. 1804, to Feb. 1805, which was ordered to lie on the table, and to be printed.—The Lord Chancellor expressed a wish to call the attention of their lordships to certain claims of Irish peers to vote at the election of peers for Ireland, which would come before the committee of privileges on Tuesday next. Certain claims which would then be submitted to the committee would, he understood, involve two points on which it might be necessary for their lordships to bestow some consideration. The points were these: that previous to the act of 1782 which established the independence of Ireland, several patents, creating peers of that country, were granted under the great seal of G. Britain, and not under the great seal of Ireland. Subsequent to that period, also, patents of a similar nature were likewise granted under the great seal of G. Britain, and not under the great seal of Ireland. He mentioned these two points, in order that their lordships might turn them in their minds, previous to the committee; they would recollect' at the same time, that they would not have to decide upon any claim to the peerage, but merely as to the right of voting at the election of peers for Ireland. Upon further consideration, he thought it would be better to postpone the consideration of these claims, from Tuesday to Thursday, on which latter day they might have the assistance of the Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, who would then; be able to attend.—The consideration of the claims alluded to, was accordingly postponed till Thursday.—Adjourned.