HL Deb 11 July 1805 vol 5 c825

In a committee of privileges, some farther proceedings obtained with respect to the claims to the Zouch peerage; the farther consideration of which was adjourned till the next session.—The bills upon the table, were read a third time and passed. The Impeachment Continuation bill, and the Townleian Collection bill also went through their last stages. The opinion of the Judges was delivered in the appeal from the court of Chancery in Ireland, Roe,v. Power; after which the judgment of the court below was affirmed. The judgment in the Appeal, Campbell, v. M'Nair, was sent back to the court of sessions with special instructions.—Mr. Whitbread, with several members, brought up a new bill from the commons, in the case of Mr. Trotter and others, the former bill being lost in that house, on account of certain amendments. The bill was read three times and passed.—The house went into a committee, to take into consideration the message of the commons, declining to communicate the evidence in the duke of Atholl's bill. Several precedents were read; after which the Lord Chancellor said, it appeared from these, that it had been the parliamentary practice and usage for the house of commons to communicate evidence to that house, where the facts on which they passed a bill were recited, and stated as the motives of the bill on the face of the bill itself. He should, therefore, to-morrow, move that a resolution to that effect be entered on their lordship's journals. The report was ordered to be received to-morrow.