HL Deb 08 April 1805 vol 4 c254

Counsel were further heard relative to the Scotch Appeal, Cathcart, bart. v. the Earl of Cassius, viz. Mr. Erskine, at considerable length, as second counsel, for the Respondent. The hearing of counsel was rather earlier postponed than usual, in consequence of the sudden indisposition of the lord Chancellor, on account of which an adjournment of the house, during pleasure, took place. In the course of about half an hour, the house resumed, and the lord Chancellor took his seat on the Woolsack; and the farther consideration of the appeal was adjourned till to-morrow.—The bills upon the table were forwarded in their several stages: among these, the Neutral Ships and Innkeeper's Allowance bills were read a third time and passed, and the Irish Spirits Permit bill went through a committee of the whole house.—The indisposition of the lord Chancellor continuing, it was moved, his majesty's commission under the great seal, be read; authorising and appointing Edward Lord Ellenborough, Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench, to act and officiate as Speaker of the House of Lords, during the absence of the lord Chancellor, &c. The same was read accordingly. The lord Chancellor then put the formal question upon the proceedings, and retired from the house, and lord Ellenborough shortly after took his seat upon the woolsack, as Speaker pro tempore.