Deb 01 May 1928 vol 70 c929

Petition of William Selby-Loundes, praying that he may be allowed to refer in the evidence and in the printed case to the evidence which was taken in the years 1861 to 1864 in the claim of William Selby-Loundes of Whaddon to the Barony of Montacute and the claim of William Loundes of Chesham to the Barony of Monthermer, and also to the evidence which was taken in the claims of Edith Maud, Countess of Loudoun, and Elizabeth Frances, Viscountess St. Davids, to the Baronies of Botreaux, Hungerford, De Moleyns, Hastings, Strange of Knokin and Stanley, upon which resolutions and adjudications were made by this House on August 1, 1871, and December 17, 1920: Read, and ordered as prayed, subject to all just exceptions and a liberty to all concerned to take objections hereafter.