Deb 09 March 1922 vol 49 cc462-3

Report made from the Committee for Privileges—

  1. 1. That Sir Richard Power, Knight, was in the year 1535 created by Letters Patent of King Henry VIII. Baron of Le Power and Coroghmore, in the Peerage of Ireland, to him and the heirs male of his body.
  2. 2. That the said Barony in the year 1704 devolved on John Power, who was then under outlawry and therefore incapable of succession, and that the said outlawry still subsists.
  3. 3. That the Petitioner, John William Rivallon de la Poer, is the heir male of the body of Sir Richard Power, Knight, first Baron Le Power and Coroglimore, and that there exists no corruption of blood in the direct line of his descent.
  4. 4. That but for the outlawry of John Power, the predecessor in title of the Petitioner, the Barony of Le Power and Coroghmore would now be vested in the Petitioner as the heir male of the body of Sir Richard Power, Knight, the first Baron.
Read, and agreed to: and resolved and adjudged accordingly; and Resolution and Judgment to be laid before His Majesty by the Lords with White Staves.

Ordered, That all deeds, documents and papers produced on behalf of the Claimant by his agents, be delivered to the said agents.