Deb 09 March 1922 vol 49 cc461-2

Report made from the Committee for Privileges—

That the Barony of Cromwell is an ancient Barony in fee.

That it is proved by the Writ of Summons 28th December, in the 49th year of King Edward III. and by other evidence adduced by the Petitioner that Ralph de Cromwell, Lord Cromwell was summoned to Parliament and sat in Parliament as a Peer of the Realm.

That the Barony of Cromwell fell into abeyance on the death without issue of Ralph, third Lord Cromwell about the year 1455 between his nieces and co-heirs Maud, widow of Robert, Lord Willoughby de Eresby and loan, wife of Sir Humphrey-Bourchier

That after the death of Joan without issue 10th March, 1190, Maud succeeded in her own right as Baroness Cromwell and died without issue 30th August, 1497.

That the Barony of Cromwell then fell into abeyance between co-heirs, being the heirs respectively of the daughters of Ralph, first Lord Cromwell.

That William FitzWilliam of Sprotborough in the County of York was one of the aforesaid co-heirs being the sole heir of Maud, wife of Sir William FitzWilliam of Sprotborough and a daughter of Ralph first Lord Cromwell.

That James Duke of Abercorn, Dame Selina Frances Bewicke-Copley of Sprotborough (the Petitioner), Charles john Peebles Chaplin, Mrs. Amabel Jemima Somers-Cocks, and the heir or heirs, if any, of Dame Elizabeth Savile, wife of Sir Henry Savile of Thornhill and Tankersley, are now the co-heirs of William FitzWilliam of Sprotborough, and are co-heirs of the Barony of Cromwell, now in abeyance.

That the Barony of Cromwell is now in abeyance between the co-heirs aforesaid and the other co-heirs, if any, of Ralph first Lord Cromwell, and is now at His Majesty's disposal.

Read; and agreed to; and resolved and adjudged accordingly; and Resolution and Judgment to be laid before His Majesty by the Lords with White Staves.

Ordered, That all deeds, documents and papers produced on behalf of the Claimant by her agents, be delivered to the said agents.