HC Deb 25 February 1932 vol 262 cc554-5
63. Dr. SALTER

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether the new Customs duties to be levied under the Import Duties Bill will be collected on goods now stored in the ports in bonded warehouses or whether the duties will apply only to goods imported as from 1st March?


Goods lying in a bonded warehouse which are at present free of any Customs duty will not in any case be liable to the general ad valorem duty. Composite goods (i.e., goods which are already liable to an existing Customs duty in respect of some part or ingredient only) will fall to be dealt with under Clause 8 of the Import Duties Bill if delivered from a bonded warehouse for home consumption on or after the 1st March.


asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury on what basis the duty on foreign imported films, under the Import Duties Bill, will be calculated?


Imported foreign cinematograph films are

The following table shows, in respect of the year 1931, the total quantity and declared value of the imports of fruit and vegetables into the United Kingdom and the domestic exports of potatoes and fertilisers from the United Kingdom in the trade with the Canary Islands.
Unit of Quantity. Quantity. Declared Value.
Total imports into the United Kingdom consigned from the Canary Islands: £
Bananas, raw Bunch 891,522 486,159
Other fruit, including dried and preserve Cwt. 8,872 35,964
Potatoes, raw Cwt. 224,307 220,478
Tomatoes, raw Cwt. 1,298,342 1,871,300
Other vegetables, including dried and preserved Value 3,838
Total value of above Value 2,617,739
Domestic exports from the United Kingdom consigned to the Canary Islands:
Potatoes, raw Cwt 92,093 32,246
Fertilisers: Ammonium sulphate Ton 22,149 138,283
Other sorts* Ton 135 719
Total value of above Value 171,248
* So far as the information is available from the trade returns of the United Kingdom.