HC Deb 29 May 1922 vol 154 cc1701-4

Can the Leader of the House say whether he intends to move the second Motion, standing in his name to-day, with respect to the sitting of the House tomorrow, and, if not, can he say what are the arrangements for to-morrow? Can he also kindly repeat to the House what was said earlier in the proceedings about the probable date on which the Irish statement will be made?


As regards the two Motions in my name, I do not propose to move the second one, relating to the earlier sitting of the House to-morrow. I suggest that the House should meet at the usual hour to-morrow.

As regards the first Motion standing in my name, relating to the business to be taken to-day, I propose to move it with the omission of the Constabulary (Ireand) Bill, in consequence of my right hon. Friend the Chief Secretary being unable to be present owing to a family bereavement. We no longer think it possible to suggest the Adjournment of the House to-morrow. My right hon. Friend has stated earlier that he hopes to make a statement about Ireland either to-morrow or on Wednesday.

We propose to take the Motion for Adjournment on Wednesday.


At Eleven o'clock.


Yes, I think so, but I will put down a Motion. I would not like to bind myself at this moment to move it. It may be necessary to meet later in order that the statement on Ireland may be made.

To-morrow, we propose to take some of the minor Orders on the Paper, including the Constabulary (Ireland) Bill, the Harbours, Docks, and Piers (Temporary Increase of Charges) Bill, and other Orders which may come down from Committees Upstairs, and, if time permits, the Foreign Office Supplementary Estimates.

I hope to make a statement to-morrow as to the business to be taken on the re-assembling of Parliament.

Motion made, and Question put, That the Proceedings in Committee on Law of Property [Stamp Duty, etc.], and on the Resolution relating to National Health Insurance [Expenses] be exempted at this day's Sitting from the provisions of the Standing Order (Sittings of the House.)"— [Mr. Chamberlain.]

The House divided: Ayes, 273; Noes, 54.

Division No. 125.] AYES. [4.12 p.m.
Adair, Rear-Admiral Thomas B. S. Buchanan, Lieut.-Colonel A. L. H. Du Pre, Colonel William Baring
Adkins, Sir W. Ryland D. Buckley, Lieut.-Colonel A. Ednam, Viscount
Amery, Leopold C. M. S. Bull, Rt. Hon. Sir William James Edwards, Major J. (Aberavon)
Armstrong, Henry Bruce Burdon, Colonel Rowland Elliot, Capt. Walter E. (Lanark)
Ashley, Colonel Wilfrid W. Burn, Col. C. R. (Devon, Torquay) Elliott, Lt.-Col. Sir G. (Islington, W.)
Bagley, Captain E. Ashton Butcher, Sir John George Elveden, Viscount
Baird, Sir John Lawrence Campion, Lieut.-Colonel W. R. Evans, Ernest
Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley Carr, W. Theodore Eyres-Monsell, Com. Bolton M.
Balfour, George (Hampstead) Casey, T. W. Falcon, Captain Michael
Banbury, Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick G. Cautley, Henry Strother Falle, Major Sir Bertram Godfray
Barlow, Sir Montague Chadwick, Sir Robert Burton Fell, Sir Arthur
Barnes, Rt. Hon. G. (Glas., Gorbals) Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. J. A.(Birm.,W.) Fisher, Rt. Hon. Herbert A. L.
Barnatt, Major Richard W. Chamberlain, N. (Birm., Ladywood) Ford, Patrick Johnston
Barnston, Major Harry Cheyne, Sir William Watson Forrest, Walter
Bartley-Denniss, Sir Edmund Robert Child, Brigadier-General Sir Hill Fraser, Major Sir Keith
Beauchamp, Sir Edward Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston S. Frece, Sir Walter de
Beckett, Hon. Gervase Clay, Lieut.-Colonel H. H. Spender Gange, E. Stanley
Bellairs, Commander Carlyon W. Clough, Sir Robert Gardiner, James
Benn, Sir A. S. (Plymouth, Drake) Cobb, Sir Cyril Gee, Captain Robert
Bennett, Sir Thomas Jewell Cohen, Major J. Brunel George, Rt. Hon. David Lloyd
Bethell, Sir John Henry Colfox, Major Wm. Phillips Gibbs, Colonel George Abraham
Betterton, Henry B. Colvin, Brig.-General Richard Beale Gilmour, Lieut.-Colonel Sir John
Birchall, J. Dearman Cooper, Sir Richard Ashmole Glyn, Major Ralph
Blades, Sir George Rowland Coote, Colin Reith (Isle of Ely) Goff, Sir R. Park
Blair, Sir Reginald Courthope, Lieut.-Col. George L. Goulding, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward A.
Boscawen, Rt. Hon. Sir A. Griffith- Cowan, D. M. (Scottish Universities) Grant, James Augustus
Bowles, Colonel H. F. Craik, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Green, Joseph F. (Leicester, W.)
Bowyer, Captain G. W. E. Curzon, Captain Viscount Greig, Colonel Sir James William
Boyd-Carpenter, Major A. Daiziel, Sir D, (Lambeth, Brixton) Grenfell, Edward Charles
Brassey, H. L. C. Davidson,J. C. C.(Hemel Hempstead) Gritten, W. G. Howard
Bridgeman, Rt. Hon. William Clive Davies, Alfred Thomas (Lincoln) Guest, Capt. Rt. Hon. Frederick E.
Brittain, Sir Harry Davies, Thomas (Cirencester) Gwynne, Rupert S.
Broad, Thomas Tucker Davison, Sir W. H. (Kensington S.) Hacking, Captain Douglas H.
Bruton, Sir James Doyle, N. Grattan Hall, Rr-Adml Sir W. (Liv'p'l,W.D'by)
Hamilton, Major C. G. C. Marks, Sir George Croydon Scott, Sir Leslie (Liverp'l, Exchange)
Hannon, Patrick Joseph Henry Marriott, John Arthur Ransome Seddon, J. A.
Harms worth, C. B. (Bedford, Luton) Martin, A. E. Seely, Major-General Rt. Hon. John
Harmsworth, Hon. E. C. (Kent) Mildmay, Colonel Rt. Hon. F. B. Sharman-Crawford, Robert G.
Harris, Sir Henry Percy Molson, Major John Elsdale Shaw, Hon. Alex. (Kilmarnock)
Henderson, Major V. L. (Tradeston) Mond, Rt. Hon. Sir Alfred Moritz Shaw, William T. (Forfar)
Herbert, Col. Hon. A. (Yeovil) Morden, Col. W. Grant Shortt, Rt. Hon. E. (N'castle-on-T.)
Herbert, Dennis (Hertford, Watford) Moreing, Captain Algernon H. Sprot, Colonel Sir Alexander
Hilder, Lieut.-Colonel Frank Morrison-Bell, Major A. C. Stanley, Major Hon. G. (Preston)
Hills, Major John Waller Munro, Rt. Hon. Robert Steel, Major S. Strang
Hoare, Lieut.-Colonel Sir S. J. G. Murray, C. D. (Edinburgh) Stephenson, Lieut.-Colonel H. K.
Hohler, Gerald Fitzroy Murray, Hon. Gideon (St. Rollox) Stevens, Marshall
Holbrook, Sir Arthur Richard Neal, Arthur Stewart, Gershom
Hope, Lt.-Col. Sir J. A. (Midlothian) Newman, Colonel J. R. P. (Finchley) Strauss, Edward Anthony
Hopkins, John W. W. Newman, Sir R. H. S. D. L. (Exeter) Sueter, Rear-Admiral Murray Fraser
Hopkinson, A. (Lancaster, Mossley) Newson, Sir Percy Wilson Surtees, Brigadier-General H. C.
Home, Sir R. S. (Glasgow, Hillhead) Nicholl, Commander Sir Edward Sutherland, Sir William
Hotchkin, Captain Stafford Vere Nicholson, Brig.-Gen. J. (Westminster) Sykes, Colonel Sir A. J. (Knutsford)
Howard, Major S. G. Nicholson, Reginald (Doncaster) Sykes, Sir Charles (Huddersfield)
Hume-Williams, Sir W. Ellis Nicholson, William G. (Petersfield) Taylor, J.
Hunter, General Sir A. (Lancaster) Nield, Sir Herbert Thomson, F. C. (Aberdeen, South)
Hurd, Percy A. Norman, Major Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Thomson, Sir W. Mitchell- (Maryhill)
Inskip, Thomas Walker H. Norris, Colonel Sir Henry G. Thorpe, Captain John Henry
Jackson, Lieut.-Colonel Hon. F. S. Norton-Griffiths, Lieut.-Col. Sir John Tickler, Thomas George
James, Lieut.-Colonel Hon. Cuthbert Ormsby-Gore, Hon. William Townley, Maximillan G.
Jellett, William Morgan Pain, Brig.-Gen. Sir W. Hacket Townshend, Sir Charles Vere Ferrers
Jesson, C. Parker, James Tryon, Major George Clement
Jones, Sir Evan (Pembroke) Parkinson, Albert L. (Blackpool) Ward, Col. J. (Stoke-upon-Trent)
Jones, J. T. (Carmarthen, Llanelly) Parry, Lieut.-Colonel Thomas Henry Ward, Col. L. (Kingston-upon-Hull)
Joynson Hicks, Sir William Pearce, Sir William Ward, William Dudley (Southampton)
Kellaway, Rt. Hon Fredk. George Pease, Rt. Hon. Herbert Pike Waring, Major Walter
Kelley, Major Fred (Rotherham) Pennefather, De Fonblanque Watson, Captain John Bertrand
King, Captain Henry Douglas Percy, Lord Eustace (Hastings) Wheler, Col. Granville C. H.
Kinloch-Cooke, Sir Clement Philipps, Gen. Sir I. (Southampton) White, Col. G. D. (Southport)
Lambert, Rt. Hon. George Philipps, Sir Owen C. (Chester, City) Wild, Sir Ernest Edward
Lane-Fox, G. R. Pilditch, Sir Philip Williams, C. (Tavistock)
Law, Rt. Hon. A. B. (Glasgow, C.) Pollock, Rt. Hon. Sir Ernest Murray Williams, Lt.-Col. Sir R. (Banbury)
Leigh, Sir John (Clapham) Pratt, John William Williamson, Rt. Hon. Sir Archibald
Lewis, Rt. Hon. J. H. (Univ., Wales) Pretyman, Rt. Hon. Ernest G. Willoughby, Lieut. Col. Hon. Claud
Lewis, T. A. (Glam., Pontypridd) Purchase, H. G. Wills, Lt.-Col. Sir Gilbert Alan H.
Lindsay, William Arthur Raeburn, Sir William H. Wilson, Capt. A. S. (Holderness)
Lister, Sir R. Ashton Rankin, Captain James Stuart Wilson, Lt.-Col. Sir M. (Bethnal Gn.)
Lloyd, George Butler Raw, Lieutenant-Colonel Dr. N. Wilson, Col. M. J. (Richmond)
Lloyd-Greame, Sir P. Rawlinson, John Frederick Pee[...] Windsor, Viscount
Locker-Lampson, G. (Wood Green) Rees, Sir J. D. (Nottingham, East) Winterton, Earl
Locker-Lampson, Com. O. (H'tingd'n) Reid, D. D. Wise, Frederick
Lorden, John William Remer, J. R. Wood, Hon. Edward F. L. (Ripon)
Loseby, Captain C. E. Remnant, Sir James Wood, Sir H. K. (Woolwich, West)
Lowther, Maj.-Gen. Sir C. (Penrith) Richardson, Sir Alex. (Gravesend) Woods, Sir Robert
Loyd, Arthur Thomas (Abingdon) Richardson, Lt.-Col. Sir P. (Chertsey) Yate, Colonel Sir Charles Edward
Macdonald, Rt. Hon. John Murray Roberts, Rt. Hon. G. H. (Norwich) Yeo, Sir Alfred William
Mackinder, Sir H. J. (Camlachie) Roberts, Samuel (Hereford, Hereford) Young, E. H. (Norwich)
McMicking, Major Gilbert Roberts, Sir S. (Sheffield, Ecclesall) Young, Sir Frederick W. (Swindon)
Macnamara, Rt. Hon. Dr. T. J. Roundell, Colonel R. F. Young, W. (Perth & Kinross, Perth)
Macpherson, Rt. Hon. James I. Royds, Lieut.-Colonel Edmund Younger, Sir George
Macquisten, F. A. Samuel, A. M. (Surrey, Farnham)
Magnus, Sir Philip Sanders, Colonel Sir Robert Arthur TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
Malone, Major P. B. (Tottenham, S.) Sassoon, Sir Philip Albert Gustave D. Colonel Leslie Wilson and Mr. McCurdy.
Acland, Rt. Hon. Francis D. Halls, Walter Rendall, Athelstan
Ammon, Charles George Hayward, Evan Roberts, Frederick O. (W. Bromwich)
Archer-Shee, Lieut.-Colonel Martin Henderson, Rt. Hon. A. (Widnes) Rose, Frank H.
Asquith, Rt. Hon. Herbert Henry Hodge, Rt. Hon. John Royce, William Stapleton
Barnes, Major H. (Newcastle, E.) Holmes, J. Stanley Sexton, James
Benn, Captain Wedgwood (Leith) Jones, J. J. (West Ham, Silvertown) Spoor, B. G.
Berwick, Major G. O. Kennedy, Thomas Thomas, Rt. Hon. James H. (Derby)
Bramsdon, Sir Thomas Kenworthy, Lieut.-Commander J. M. Thomas, Brig-Gen. Sir O. (Anglesey)
Cairns, John Kenyon, Barnet Thomson, T. (Middlesbrough, West)
Cecil, Rt. Hon. Lord R. (Hitchin) Kiley, James Daniel Thorne, G. R. (Wolverhampton, E.)
Clynes, Rt Hon. John R. Lunn, William Thorne, W. (West Ham, Plaistow)
Collins, Sir Godfrey (Greenock) Maclean, Neil (Glasgow, Govan) Wedgwood, Colonel Josiah C.
Davies, A. (Lancaster, Clitheroe) Maclean, Rt. Hon. Sir D. (Midlothian) White, Charles F. (Derby, Western)
Davies, Evan (Ebbw Vale) Malone, C. L. (Leyton, E.) Wignall, James
Entwistle, Major C. F. Mills, John Edmund Young, Robert (Lancaster, Newton)
Foot, Isaac Mosley, Oswald
Galbraith, Samuel Murray, Hon. A. C. (Aberdeen) TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—
Gillis, William Murray, Dr. D. (Inverness & Ross) Major McKenzie Wood and Mr. Myers.
Graham, W. (Edinburgh, Central) Naylor, Thomas Eilis
Griffiths, T. (Monmouth, Pontypool) O'Connor, Thomas P.