HC Deb 25 May 1922 vol 154 cc1423-4
69. Lieut.-Colonel ASHLEY

asked the hon. Member for Monmouth, as representing the Forestry Commissioners, whether he can state what steps the Forestry Commission are taking to make the grants authorised under the 1919 Forestry Act available and suitable for landowners and[...]orporate bodies?

Mr. FORESTIER-WALKER (for the Forestry Commissioners)

The power to award planting grants to landowners and corporate bodies under the Forestry Act, 1919, is practically inoperative owing to the proviso for repayment in certain events and the consequent necessity of keeping accounts through the whole period of the rotation. The Forestry Commissioners are of the opinion that the amount of the repayments would be so small and the work involved in keeping the accounts so considerable that it would be in the interest of forestry that the free grants, which were awarded last winter under the Forestry Act, 1921, and which proved very successful in securing the planting of over 10,000 acres and in finding employment for from 2,000 to 3,000 men, should be continued in future years. The Forestry Commissioners have accordingly suggested to the Treasury that legislation should be introduced with this object.

Lieut.-Colonel ASHLEY

Has the hon. Gentleman any hopes of securing further grants for unemployment?


We have addressed to the Treasury a letter which I hope will receive favourable consideration.