HC Deb 25 May 1922 vol 154 cc1410-1
45 and 46. Mr. MILLS

asked the Prime Minister (1) whether, under the Armistice terms accepted by the Powers at the Genoa Conference, the Japanese troops now in Siberia will evacuate that country;

(2) in what manner the truce accepted by the Powers represented at the Genoa Conference will affect the Japanese occupation of Siberia?


asked the Prime Minister whether, as a result of the acceptance of the pact of non-aggression by the Japanese Government at the Genoa Conference, the Japanese have withdrawn the terms of the ultimatum presented to the delegates of the Far Eastern Republic by the Japanese delegates at the Dairen Conference on 15th April?


It was resolved at Genoa on the 19th May that "the pact to refrain from acts of aggression will be founded on the observance of the existing status quo." The present situation in Eastern Siberia will therefore not be affected. I have no doubt, however, that the Japanese will withdraw their troops as soon as they find it possible to do so, in accordance with the assurance given by their representatives at Washington. As has already been stated, His Majesty's Government have no information in regard to the alleged ultimatum referred to by the hon. Member for Bothwell (Mr. Robertson).


Will the right hon. Gentleman cause inquiries to be made as to the accuracy of the reported further advance of the Japanese troops, in view of this Agreement reached at Washington?


I do not think that arises.

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