HC Deb 25 May 1922 vol 154 cc1399-401
26. Captain Viscount CURZON

asked the Prime Minister the total cost to the country of the British delegation to Genoa; whether the cost of the hotel expenses at Genoa is to be borne by this country; whether any persons other than those on the delegation took advantage of the facilities provided for the British delegation; and, if so, how the cost will be met?


So far as can be ascertained at present, it is anticipated that the cost of the British delegation will amount to approximately £7,000, but it will be obvious that until all the accounts have been received no final total can be given, and there may be some small addition to this figure.

The Italian Government having been generous enough to extend hospitality to the whole of the British delegation, the cost of hotel expenses, with the exception of the usual gratuities, will not fall upon British funds.

With regard to the last part of this question, the only facilities provided for persons other than members of the delegation were travelling facilities, the cost of which has been or will be recovered from the persons concerned.

Viscount CURZON

Did any persons other than the delegation actually take advantage of the facilities provided by the Italian Government?


I think not, but I will make inquiries.

36. Lieut.-Colonel A. MURRAY

asked the Prime Minister if he will indicate the nationalities of the armies which he stated, in an interview reported in the Press, were, a few weeks ago, massing on frontiers extending over thousands of miles with every intention of marching against each other, and whose march has been arrested by the Genoa Conference?


My right hon. Friend will deal with this question in the course of his statement on the Genoa Conference.

44. Mr. MILLS

asked the Prime Minister whether the Government will consider the question of publishing and distributing free the Note presented to the Russian delegates by the Powers at the Genoa Conference on 2nd May, together with the Russian reply of 11th May?


I have been asked to reply. The documents to which the hon. Member refers have already been printed in Command 1667 (papers relating to International Economic Conferences, Genoa), of which, I understand, a full distribution has been made.


In view of the carefully edited publicity which has been given to both Notes, is it possible that the Government can consider the publication of this in the same way as they have done in previous disputes of an internal character, not carrying with them the signification of this international settlement?


I am afraid I really do not understand what my hon. Friend means.


Is the right hon. Gentleman not aware that there is not a single newspaper which has given anything like a précis of the Note either of this Government or of the Russian Government?


I really am not responsible for what the public Press does.

48. Mr. MYERS

asked the Prime Minister whether His Majesty's Government will publish the details of the claims put forward by the Russian representatives at the Genoa Conference of the damage wrought on Russian territory by the campaigns of Denikin, Koltchak, Yudenitch, and Wrangel?


A general claim was made by M. Litvinoff in the course of the experts' discussions, but was not entertained by the Powers concerned.

Captain W. BENN

Would it be correct to say that the claims of Russia against us in a war made by us against Russia are an obstacle to settlement?