HC Deb 16 May 1922 vol 154 cc244-5

Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS further reported from the Committee; That they had nominated the following Members to serve on Standing Committee C: Rear-Admiral Adair, Captain Ainsworth, Mr Armstrong, Mr. George Balfour, Mr. Banton, Mr. James Bell, Sir Robert Bird, Major Borwick, Sir Thomas Bramsdon, Major Breese, Sir James Bruton, Mr. Carr, Brigadier-General Sir Hill Child, Brigadier-General Cockerill, Captain Coote, Sir Henry Cowan, Mr. Alfred Davies, Major Jonn Edwards, Mr. Foot, Mr. Forestier-Walker, Mr. Gange, Mr. Hayward, Mr. Holmes, Mr. G. W. H. Jones, Captain Loseby, Sir Murdoch Macdonald, Major McMicking, Mr. Mallalieu, Mr. Matthews, Mr. Morris, Mr. Mosley, Colonel Sir Henry Norris, Sir Percy Newson, Brigadier-General Sir Haeket Pain, Major Palmer, Mr. Perring, Captain Rankin, Lieut.-Colonel Raw, Sir Philip Richardson, Mr. Robert Richardson, Sir Samuel Scott, Mr. Sitch, Sir Malcolm Smith, Mr. Sutton, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Tillett, Lieut.-Colonel Sir Alfred Warren, Mr. Waterson, Dr. Worsfold, and Mr. Robert Young.

Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS further reported from the Committee; That they had added the following Fifteen Members to Standing Committee C (in respect of the Constabulary (Ireland) Bill): The Attorney-General, Lieut.-Colonel Archer-Shoe, Captain Wedgwood Bonn, Sir John Butcher, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Gilbert. Sir Hamar Greenwood, Mr. Rupert Gwynne, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Lindsay, Mr. John Jones, Mr. Lunn, Mr. Spoor, Field-Marshall Sir Henry Wilson, and Mr. Hilton Young.

Reports to lie upon the Table.