HC Deb 16 May 1922 vol 154 cc243-4

Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS reported from the Committee of Selection; That the following Members representing Scottish Constituencies are appointed to serve on the Standing Committee for the consideration of all Public Bills relating exclusively to Scotland and committed to a Standing Committee:—RearAdmiral Adair, Mr. Adamson, Mr. Asquith, Sir Robert Balfour, Mr. George Barnes, Mr. Charles Barrie, Captain Wedgwood Bean, Mr. James Brown, Colonel Buchanan, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir William Watson Cheyne, Sir Godfrey Collins, Mr. Churchill, the Lord Advocate, Mr. Cowan, Sir Henry Cowan, Sir Henry Craik, Captain Elliot, Mr. Ford, Mr. James Gardiner, Lieut.-Colonel Sir John Gilmour, Major Glyn, Mr. Duncan Graham, Mr. William Graham, Sir James Greig, Sir Leicester Harmsworth, Lieut.-Colonel Henderson, Mr. Hogge, Sir Harry Hope, Lieut.-Colonel Sir John Hope, Mr. John Deans Hope, Lieut.-General Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston, Mr. Jameson, Mr. Johnstone, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Kidd, Mr. Bonar Law, Mr. Murray Macdonald, Sir Murdoch Macdonald, Sir Halford Mackinder, Mr. Robert McLaren, Sir Donald Maclean, Mr. Neil Maclean, Mr. Macleod, Major McMicking, Mr. Macpherson, Mr. Macquisten, Mr. Munro, Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Murray, Mr. Gideon Murray, Dr. Murray, Major William Murray, Mr. Nelson, Mr Pratt, Sir William Raeburn, Mr. Robertson, Mr. Rodger, Mr. Rose, Mr. MacCallum Scott, Mr. Alexander Shaw, Mr. William Shaw, Sir Malcolm Smith, Colonel Sir Alexander Sprot, Mr. Sturrock, Sir William Sutherland, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Frederick Thomson, Sir William Mitchell-Thomson, Mr. Wallace, Sir Archibald Williamson, Mr. Wilkie, Major Mackenzie Wood, Mr. William Young, and Sir George Younger.

Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS further reported from the Committee; That they had added the following Ten Members to the Standing Committee on Scottish Bills (in respect of the Whale Fisheries (Scotland) Bill): Sir Gervase Beckett, Sir Arthur Fell, Mr. Finney, Lieut -Commander Kenworthy, Mr. Arthur Michael Samuel, Major-General Seely, Major Steel, Lieut.-Colonel Stephenson, Captain Watson, and Mr. James Wilson.